VC6: VME/VXS Dual FPGA Board

  1. VC6: VME/VXS Dual FPGA Board
    VC6: VME/VXS Dual FPGA Board
Versatile VME/VXS Virtex 6 FPGA Carrier
Dual Virtex-6 SX475T FPGAs and Two FMC Sites

The VC6 is a VME/VXS dual FPGA board that delivers high bandwidth I/O capability at a competitive price. DEG engineers have designed the VC6 to enable single or dual FPGA configurations for a broad range of Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs: LX240T, LX365T, LX550T, SX315T, or SX475T. To enable maximum configurability and performance, the VC6 contains two fully connected VITA 57.1 FMC sites. When coupled with DEG’s portfolio of high speed ADC and DAC FMC products, the VC6 delivers superior analog performance and powerful digital signal processing capability that can be ruggedized for deployment in-theater. This product is ideally suited for high performance ELINT, SIGINT, EW, RADAR, and LADAR applications.

  • Dual Virtex-6 SX315T/475T or LX240T/365T/550T
  • Two FMC Sites - VITA 57.1 Compliant
  • 1 GB DDR3 per FPGA (2 GB Total)
  • 18 MB QDR2+ per FPGA (36 MB Total)
  • Twelve MGT lanes between FPGAs
  • VME2eSST Interface
  • SERDES or PCI-Express to Optional P0 Connector

FPGA Design Kit and Visualization Software Available