1. Virtex - 7 FPGA Carrier Boards
    Virtex - 7 FPGA Carrier Boards
  2. VPU: 3U VPX UltraScale FPGA Carrier w/ARM Cortex A7 Processor
    VPU: 3U VPX UltraScale FPGA Carrier w/ARM Cortex A7 Processor
High-Performance 3U VPX Virtex-7 FPGA Digital Receiver
Includes Quad-channel 2 Gsps ADCs or Dual-channel 4 Gsps ADC (@12-bit)

The VP7 3U VPX digital receiver from DEG provides the highest density of ADC acquisition and FPGA compute power in the industry. With support for up to 4 channels at 2.0 Gsps and 12-bit resolution, the VP7 board enables system designers to fully utilize the largest FPGAs on the market and reduce footprint for multichannel systems. Optimized to support Texas Instruments ADC12D1000, ADC12D1600, ADC12D1800, and ADC12D2000 devices, the VP7 board enables you to select the sample rate optimized for your application and obtain the best dynamic performance available today.

  • Virtex-7 VX330T and VX690T
  • Highest density high-speed ADC solution on the market
  • 2 GB of DDR3 SDRAM
  • 4 Fat Pipes (x4) at PCIe Gen3 rates
  • FPGA Design Kit and Visualization Software Available
DEG's Newest 3U VPX FPGA Carrier

The VPU is a VPX form factor (VITA 46), Kintex UltraScale  XCKU060 FPGA processor board designed to meet the needs of challenging, embedded high-performance digital signal processing applications at a competitive price point. In addition to the VPUs powerful FPGA processing capability, the incorporation of the ARM Cortex A7 allows system engineers to receive the benefits of both powerful signal processing and a general-purpose processor on one 3U VPX module. 

  • VPX 3U Form Factor
  • Dedicated ARM Cortex A7 Processor
  • Kintex UltraScale: XCKU060
  • Vita 57.1 HPC FMC Site
  • Air and Conduction Cooled
  • LINUX,WIN and VX Works Driver Support